every|body | jamie

in this every|body session, i had the pleasure of working with jamie!

i didn’t know jamie when i started this series, but she’s EXACTLY who i envisioned taking part in them. jamie is a breast cancer warrior and survivor. she wanted to proudly show her scars and celebrate the woman she is now.

i asked how much she wanted to share and she said, everything! she wants to help others who are, or will be going through, breast cancer treatments, and reconstructive surgeries. let’s give this brave, beautiful woman, a round of applause! 👏🏻

a little question and answer from jamie

what made you want to do an every|body session? I did this for myself but also to help others to know there is beauty after breast cancer!

after being able to see your sneak peeks, are you glad you did the session?

favorite guilty pleasure? Drinking wine

what are the top 3 things on your bucket list? 
Hiking in Utah
Running a half marathon before I’m 50 (yup…I said I’d never do this lol)
Buying a house on the water somewhere

how was your experience during your every|body session? why should others book with miss lady jane studios? It was super comfortable! Lori really knows poses and lighting well which made the session go smoothly. My images turned out beautifully!

from the artist

i created the ‘every|body’ fine art portrait experience to create art that celebrates how powerful the female body is, in all of it’s glorious shapes and sizes. art that focuses on women’s strength, lines, curves, and scars. i want to liberate and empower women who participate in this project to love the bodies they’re in. right now. not ‘when i lose 20 lbs’. not ‘when i’m done having children’. no excuses. just you, your body, and maybe a little dose of bravery.

this process can be deeply emotional and, you may find, changes how you view your body. with this fine art project, i want to offer a more nuanced and layered experience. the focus is not solely on creating sexy or alluring images, but to create images that make you see and appreciate your body in a way you never have before. let’s make magic together!

i know, getting up the nerve to schedule something like this may be anxiety inducing. i get it. but, all you have to do is click on the button below, or pick up the phone, and i can talk you through the rest. i promise, it’s something you’re not going to regret!

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