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for abby, deciding to have every|body portraits taken, was a step out of her comfort zone. she was hoping to capture both a soft and strong concept during her session.

abby had never done shots like this before, but she was open to ideas and suggestions which was great!

abby loves the strength she built in her body after having three kids. now in her 40s, she is working toward full acceptance of what aging gracefully means.

in doing an every|body session, she thought it would help her embrace the aesthetic beauty of her body.
abby’s final portraits definitely accomplished her goal of showing her strong and soft sides.

a little question and answer from abby

what made you want to do an every|body session? Your initial post advertising these sessions had a picture of a friend of mine who had done it which is what initially perked my interest. She looked so stunning, secure, sexy, and confident! I read your description of what these sessions were meant to embrace and the combination of that and knowing my friend had the courage to do this wrapped up my decision for me. I wanted to be able to see myself through a lens other than my own judge mental eye.

after being able to see your sneak peeks, are you glad you did the session?
100% yes!!!! An I’m excited to see the rest!

favorite guilty pleasure? Lately Colleen Hoover novels

what are the top 3 things on your bucket list? Admittedly I don’t have a bucket list, but some things I’d like to do are: See the Northern Lights up close (like Iceland close), Travel to Europe with my husband, Be able to bench body weight/squat 1.5 times my body weight and deadlift 2x my body weight

how was your experience during your every|body session? why should others book with miss lady jane studios? Experience was so much fun! It was also oddly freeing. Exposing that much of myself was most certainly a large step out of my comfort zone. There were lots of years of lagging insecurities that had to be pushed down. However the shots I’ve seen have turned out so beautifully I can’t wait to see more! Also knowing that another woman could possibly take that step because I did and end up as happy as I am that they did it is worth it!

from the artist

every woman wants to feel beautiful. however, it can be hard to feel that our bodies measure up to the standards we see in the media. this is why i decided to create the ‘every|body’ fine art portrait experience.

let’s celebrate your body, on your own terms, rather than conforming to unrealistic beauty standards and expectations.

all you have to do is click on the button below, or pick up the phone, and i can talk you through the rest. i promise, it’s something you’re not going to regret!

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