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every woman wants to feel beautiful. however, it can be hard to feel that our bodies measure up to the standards we see in the media. this is why i decided to create the ‘every|body’ fine art portrait experience. i want to create art that celebrates how powerful the female body is, in all of it’s glorious shapes and sizes. art that focuses on women’s strength, lines, curves, and scars. i want to liberate and empower women who participate in this project to love the bodies they’re in. right now. not ‘when i lose 20 lbs’. not ‘when i’m done having children’. no excuses. just you, your body, and maybe a little dose of bravery…

many of us have that one item from childhood that brought us comfort, protected us from the monsters under the bed, and helped us make it through long, stormy, nights in the dark…


professionally finished, heirloom artwork

at miss lady jane photos, our goal is to create finished artwork that’s ready to display. no more flash drives sitting in drawers for years, never to see the light of day. show your children and family how much they mean to you by displaying their portraits front and center in your home. Did you know…(read more)

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Hey I’m Lori!

I’m so happy you’re here!

i’m lori dunbar, the sole photographer and owner behind miss lady jane. i’m a mother to two growing boys, designer, and last but not least, a photographer.

i’m inspired by all things vintage and modern. i love great type & pattern, and there’s nothing better than taking photos in the gorgeous light right before sunset.

i have a bachelor of fine arts degree, and have a hard time reigning in my creative projects!

i currently live in sheboygan, wisconsin on the beautiful shores of lake michigan.

i don’t just want to be your photographer; i want to be the person you trust to capture your story, beyond words. the moments you hold most dear in your family. let’s create something beautiful together!


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