every woman wants to feel beautiful. however, it can be hard to feel that our bodies measure up to the standards we see in the media. this is why i decided to create the ‘every|body’ fine art portrait experience. i want to create art that celebrates how powerful the female body is, in all of it’s glorious shapes and sizes. art that focuses on women’s strength, lines, curves, and scars. i want to liberate and empower women who participate in this project to love the bodies they’re in. right now. not ‘when i lose 20 lbs’. not ‘when i’m done having children’. no excuses. just you, your body, and maybe a little dose of bravery. 

let’s celebrate your body, on your own terms, rather than conforming to unrealistic beauty standards and expectations. this process can be deeply emotional and, you may find, changes how you view your body.

with this fine art project, i want to offer a more nuanced and layered experience. the focus is not solely on creating sexy or alluring images, but to create images that make you see and appreciate your body in a way you never have before. let’s make magic together! 

i’m lori dunbar, the sole photographer and owner behind miss lady jane. i’m a mother to two teen boys, designer, and last but not least, a photographer.

the every|body project was inspired by a desire to capture the strength and resiliency of the female body. i wanted to create something that was different from a traditional boudoir session, and spoke to embracing the story of each woman’s body.

i’d love nothing more than to capture your body’s story in this project. contact me and tell me what you’d like to capture most.

my studio is located in sheboygan, wisconsin on the beautiful shores of lake michigan.

i know, getting up the nerve to schedule something like this may be anxiety inducing. i get it. but, trust my clients and what they have to say about their experience:

“My body has been through a lot and I wanted to take time to recognize and appreciate my body for everything it’s done for me. Most people would be nervous to see the images for the first time but I completely trusted that Lori would represent me in the best way. I’m so happy that I did this shoot with Lori and I am in love with the final photos.

As women… many times we are our own worst critics. I’m so happy that I’ll have these photos to look back on in 30, 40, or 50 years to remind myself how much of a wonder I am. And as a women, no matter my weight, my stretch marks, my imperfections…I am beautiful.” -j.

all you have to do is click on the button below, or pick up the phone, and i can talk you through the rest. i promise, it’s something you’re not going to regret!

regular pricing for an every|body session is $275. i offer both a la carte and package pricing for your finished artwork. contact me and we can discuss your wants and needs as well as review more detailed product pricing. i look forward to helping you honor your body and all the amazing things it’s capable of.