many of us have that one item from childhood that brought us comfort, protected us from the monsters under the bed, and helped us make it through long, stormy, nights in the dark.

capture these precious reminders of your childhood, and the memories of snuggling up with your favorite stuffed animal or blanket; the moments that brought comfort and security to your soul.

we invite you to be a part of this exclusive project. whether it’s your personal keepsake, your child’s, your pet’s, or a sentimental family heirloom, let me turn these precious items into stunning, keepsake photographs, and celebrate the memories that are woven into every one. cherish the joy that these companions brought to life and, keep the lov(i)e alive.

i’m lori dunbar, the sole photographer and owner behind miss lady jane. i’m a mother to two teen boys, designer, and last but not least, a photographer.

this ‘lovie’ project is inspired by my appreciation for the tattered edges of items that are deeply loved. each tear, rip, fray, and stitch, tells a love story. i want to turn that love story into art.

i’d love nothing more than to capture your love story in this project. contact me and tell me the story behind the lovie item you want to commemorate.

my studio is located in sheboygan, wisconsin on the beautiful shores of lake michigan. don’t live near me? let’s chat about the option of shipping your lovie!

a love story usually involves two parties. because of this, i want both of you to be in the photo. i know, i know, you don’t necessarily want to be in the photo. well, we can work with that! what if we just feature your hands holding your lovie item? the purpose of this project is to capture the connnection between you, your pet, your child, and the lovie.

have a heirloom lovie you want to feature? absolutely! let’s photograph grandma’s lovie with a grandchild! let’s photograph your passed pup’s favorite lovie with your child. we’ll chat and create a beautiful image no matter the situation!

this personal photography project is being offered at a lower cost in exchange for allowing me creative freedom to create the artwork i’ve envisioned.

please note that my lower cost is reflective of this freedom over the session, and that i may ask for specific clothing, hair styles, etc. be adhered to. all of this will be discussed, and agreed upon, during a consultation where we will brainstorm what your custom artwork will look like. a full model release will be required in order to participate in this project.

the cost for a session of one lovie and its partner is $195. there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything from your session. however, should you decide to order any products after your session, your session fee will be transfered back to you, in full, in the form of product credit. in the event that you do not wish to purchase products, the session fee will be retained to cover your time in the studio.