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in this senior session, i had the pleasure of working with malia. she, and her mom flew all the way out from california to have me take her senior portraits which was such a huge honor!

malia | long beach poly senior

malia, her mom, and i started with a short consultation. this typically takes place in your home so we can review exactly what you’re looking for in your senior photos. we can discuss location preferences, wardrobe ideas, and look at some areas in your home where you and your family may want to display your final artwork. each client is unique and this helps me create exactly what you’re looking for, instead of guessing what might look good in your home. in malia’s case, we did the consultation virtually, since she was coming from across the country!

one of the most wonderful aspects of shooting in the sheboygan area is the vast array of backdrops available – from bright colors, urban environments, rural settings, coffee shops, downtown architecture, beaches and hilly landscapes.

after our discussion, malia and her mom decided to go with the industrial look, and i had the perfect location in mind! industrial locations can offer visual appeal with a variety of textures and colors found in rusted metal, brick walls, concrete surfaces, and other industrial elements. these settings can provide a unique atmosphere with striking elements.

malia and i spent about two hours together. this is typically enough time to get several locations in, and a few outfits.

my goal in every senior portrait session is to capture the student’s personality. i think we definitely did that with malia. she’s such a sweet, reserved girl, and i think that comes through in these portraits!

are you interested in booking a senior photo shoot? let’s chat about what to expect with your senior session – from wardrobe to location options!

*please make sure to get permission before shooting on any and all private property!

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