tips & tricks for a great family session

preparing for your family session will help ensure that we capture the most memorable and beautiful moments. my goal in family portrait sessions is to embrace your family, your love, and the essence of who you are, together. every family has its own flow, and ways of interacting, and i want to capture that uniqueness. lets create some amazing portraits that emanate YOU.  

here are some of my top tips and suggestions to help you prepare for your session:

1. make sure to arrive on time. session times are based on lighting conditions. for that reason, it’s super-important to arrive on time for your appointment; we don’t want to run out of light before your session is complete!

2. please make sure all clothing is free of stains and wrinkles for your session. bring your outfits on hangers if you’re not already wearing them. make sure your pockets are emptied of keys, phones, and misc. items. check your wrist for scrunchies and hair bands. bring wet wipes to give kiddos’ faces a quick wipe down before we start.

3. weather is a tricky nemesis! please refrain from checking the weather a week ahead. weather in wisconsin changes by the minute. because of this, i don’t usually cancel sessions more than 4 hours before.i will be monitoring the weather closely on your session day, and keep you posted. lastly, don’t be afraid of clouds! believe it or not, a completely overcast day makes for some of the most beautifully flattering light!

4. to help ensure things move as smoothly as possible, make sure everyone is well fed and rested. don’t hesitate to bring water or snacks. if we’re shooting in my studio, bring along a favorite book or activity. i’m also happy to provide a variety of beverages!

5. wardrobe: i encourage everyone to let their personality shine through their outfit choices. don’t be afraid to embrace what you love! patterns are great and can really add flare to your portraits. for families, i suggest one large pattern (like florals), one small pattern (like polka dots), and then coordinating solids. we want your outfits to coordinate, not match. pick 3 or so colors and base everyone’s outfits off of those colors. don’t forget accessories! they’re a great way to take your look up to another level. 

your family is totally unique and as a photographer, i am always thrilled to participate in a little snapshot of your world.

let’s talk about exactly what you’d like to achieve and collaborate on wardrobe, shot lists, timing, likes and dislikes. i’m happy to brainstorm with you and provide props or even direction on wardrobe if you’d like! don’t be afraid to ask; i love learning from you!

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