selecting your session wardrobe

deciding what to wear for your upcoming photo session can be daunting. but, with some easy tips, the process can actually be fun! 

here are some tips and general guidelines to help you choose your outfits:

1. color palette: there are many directions you can go when deciding on a color palette for your wardrobe. we’ve broken them down for you into 6 categories. pick the style that fits your personality best! don’t forget, these photos will hang on your walls, so choosing something that doesn’t clash with your home decor can be an important factor.

when planning your color palette for your session, there are many different options to choose from depending on your family’s preference, style and the overall look and feel you are wanting to achieve.

here are some popular color palette options that you might want to consider:

a. monochromatic: to achieve this look, choose different shades of a single color. for example, if you choose neutrals, your family members could wear earthy tones like cream, tan, beige, or camel and accessorize with brown or nude shoes, belt other accessories that complement the neutral palette. a monochromatic color scheme can create a cohesive feel.

b. deep monochrome: this can be a great choice to create a dramatic or timeless look for your photo session. choose rich, dark tones for your family to wear and play with different shades within the same color family.

c. pastels: you can create a soft, gentle look for you photo session by opting for pastel colors. pastel shades of light pinks, pale yellows and greens, baby blues, lavenders and light pinks would be perfect for a dreamy or romantic atmosphere and work well for springtime shoots or to create a softer look with your location choice.

d. jewel tones: choosing jewel tones for you family to wear can add a touch of luxury and elegance. these rich, vibrant tones can add depth and create a stunning appearance. consider the setting you choose when selecting your jewel tones. some of these tones might work well for your location: emerald green; ruby red; burgundy; sapphire blue and amethyst purple.

e. pop of color: you can choose to add a pop of color by dressing your family in neutral colors and then adding color with accessories, statement pieces or certain pieces of clothing. just remember that the pop of color you choose should complement your overall theme or mood that you are trying to create.

f. mix and match/patterns: if you mix and match certain patterns, it can create a dynamic visual. you will want to avoid large logos and busy patterns since they can be distracting and take the focus away from your family. you may want to include some solid colors or subtle patterns that won’t overwhelm the overall look. have fun playing around with combinations, just remember to find a visual balance.

2. dress comfortably: choose clothes that make you feel good. It’s important that everyone feels confident and comfortable during your session. avoid clothes that are too tight, itchy, or restrictive and instead choose fabrics that allow freedom of movement.

3. consider the season and location: dress appropriately for the weather conditions and choose outfits that work well with the surroundings. for example, if you’re shooting in fall, embrace the autumn colors and opt for layering. or, if you are shooting at the beach, you may want to choose lightweight, breezy outfits like linen pants, dresses or shorts.

4. add texture and layers: adding layers and texture can add depth and visual interest to the photos. your family members may want to consider adding jackets, scarves, or cardigans to their outfits or adding accessories like hats, belts, or jewelry.

5. consider classic, timeless styles: to ensure that your photos still look great in years to come, it may be best to choose classic colors and outfits that stand the test of time. current trends are fun to consider, but may distract from the main focus of your family.

6. lastly, try to coordinate and plan your wardrobe in advance. a few days before the photoshoot, have everyone try on their chosen outfits to ensure that they fit well and look good together. this will also give you time to find alternative options or make any adjustments if needed.

remember, the goal of your session is to capture the connection and love within your family. choosing comfortable outfits that reflect personalities and provide confidence will help your family have fun and make your session successful.

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