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in this senior session, i had fun working with natalie, who is a homestead high school 2024 senior.

natalie is a soccer player and strives for excellence both academically and athletically. she also looks for the best in everyone around her!

for natalie’s session, we decided to go to the john michael kohler arts center, downtown sheboygan, and the sheboygan lakefront.

although we battled rain showers during her session, that didn’t deter us! natalie was up for anything including getting into the freezing lake at the end of her session!

learn a little more about natalie

best advice you’ve ever been given: 
Live in the moment

what are your plans after high school? (college, gap year, straight to work?) 
After high school I plan to go to a big ten college

favorite song to sing at the top of your lungs in the car? or, favorite song to chill out to in your room? My favorite song to sing in my car is “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by drake

what’s your favorite candy, or snack? My favorite snack is “munchies” and I really love Carmel m and ms

what are the top 3 things on your bucket list? 
– Sky dive
– Travel all over Europe
– African Safari

how was your experience during your senior session? why should other seniors book with miss lady jane studios? I had a really good time during my senior session. Every new location got me even more excited and I loved trying all of her poses. Other seniors should book with her because she truly made the most of my session even though we had bad weather.

in every senior portrait session, my goal is to capture the student’s personality. i think we definitely did that with natalie!

are you interested in booking a senior photo shoot? let’s chat about what to expect with your senior session – from wardrobe to location options!

*please make sure to get permission before shooting on any and all private property!

for more suggestions for your senior session, check out: tips & tricks for a great senior session

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