child session | madeline

for this child session, since madeline loves all things princess, madeline’s mom wanted photos capturing her daughter in her favorite princess and dance costume. we then decided to have madeline try on her mom’s wedding dress! it made for some fun, dramatic photos.

madeline is 5 years old and has a very energetic personality, which made the photo shoot lively and fun! we did the whole shoot in my studio.

i’ve been photographing madeline since she was a newborn. it’s wonderful to take photos of a child throughout the years, to see them grow and change, and to have the opportunity to capture your child exactly as they are at each precious, exciting moment in their life!

are you interested in booking a child photo shoot? let’s chat about what to expect with your child session – from wardrobe to location options!

*please make sure to get permission before shooting on any and all private property!

for more suggestions for your child session, check out: capturing your child at their best

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