choosing a location for your session

the absolute beauty of living along the shores of lake michigan in sheboygan country is the wealth of backdrops the land provides – everything from a studio shoot to something downtown, a rustic barn to the favorite room of the house.

there are several things to consider when selecting a location for your photo shoot.
to help you decide on the perfect location, here are some suggestions to help guide you:

1. define your vision or theme: start by determining the mood, or desired feel you want to achieve. this can help you narrow down your options. in defining your vision, consider you and your family’s interests and personalities. do you enjoy nature, parks and outdoor activities? or do you prefer city streets and more of an urban vibe?

2. match the location with your vision: if you want a natural theme, choosing a garden, beach, park or country setting might be ideal. if your vision is more industrial, consider unique buildings and architectural landmarks.

3. consider meaningful locations: think about choosing a place that holds sentimental value to you or your family. this could be a favorite park, neighborhood or place where you spend time relaxing. choosing a heartfelt location can add an extra layer of meaning to your photos.

here are some location ideas to consider:

urban: urban areas can be full of energy and provide a diverse range of backdrops. the unique settings and dynamic backgrounds can add visual interest to your photos.

rural: choosing a rural area can offers picturesque landscapes like forests, fields, rolling hills and background settings with charm and character like rustic barns and farms. this type of setting can offer privacy and allow you or your family to be more relaxed.

industrial: industrial locations can offer visual appeal with a variety of textures and colors found in rusted metal, brick walls, concrete surfaces, and other industrial elements. these settings can provide a unique atmosphere with striking elements.

studio: choosing a studio location for your photoshoot can provide a controlled environment. no need to worry about the weather! a studio setting also provides privacy with no distractions. there are a variety of props and backdrops available to create the mood or feel that you are looking to achieve.

in order to help me control the safety, comfort and beauty of the shoot, i ask that all newborn sessions take place in my studio.

water: choosing a water setting for your location can provide a stunning backdrop and create memorable photos. water can evoke feelings of tranquility and joy while the reflective properties can add depth and interest. if you have an emotional connection to water, choosing a beach, lake or river could be the perfect location for you and your family.

nature: if you are drawn to nature, having nature as your backdrop for you session is ideal! nature adds depth, texture and color to your photos and has a timeless beauty. being in nature brings a sense of wonder, calm and relaxation and can represent harmony.

4. consider the season: you may want to choose a location that complements the season. certain locations may look different depending on the season and might be perfect to add something special such as colorful fall leaves, or a snowy winter backdrop.

tell me which style locations you like the best and i’ll visit potential locations to get a feel for the atmosphere. i’ll look for picturesque spots, and interesting backgrounds that can make your photos unique while considering factors such as lighting conditions and any potential distractions. i’ll even visit the locations at different times of the day to consider how the lighting changes throughout the day so that we capture the most stunning images for you and your family.

and don’t worry, i’ll have a backup plan just in case your first location choice doesn’t work or becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. this will help ensure that your photo shoot can proceed smoothly and successfully.

there are so many things to consider, but that’s where i come in and help! we’ll discuss your location preferences and all the details at your consultation and i’ll handle everything from there!

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