being a sentimental person means that i hang onto many things longer than i should. at times it can be overwhelming to try and make the decisions about what stays, and what goes. creating the forevermore session made the decision of parting with my wedding bouquet a no brainer!

choosing to have your florals photographed and transformed into forever artwork offers a beautiful and lasting way to preserve the memories of your special day. drying, or preserving your flowers in acrylic, can lead to fading, and collect dust over time. a photograph, taken at the flower’s prime, ensures that the vibrant colors and delicate details remain intact. this artwork serves as a timeless piece that can be proudly displayed in your home; a constant reminder of the sentiment behind them and keeping those special memories alive.

forevermore sessions aren’t just for wedding florals! below are just some of the other occasions you may consider preserving your florals from:

mother’s day
valentine’s day
funerals/memorial services
baby showers
prom/school dances
retirement parties
housewarming events
milestone celebrations/significant achievements
religious ceremonies (ie.: baptisms, confirmations, bar/bat mitzvahs)
holiday celebrations
special dates or moments (ie: first date, proposal) 

i’m lori utech, the sole photographer and owner behind miss lady jane studios. i’m a mother to two young men, designer, and last but not least, a photographer.

the ‘forevermore’ project was inspired by my sentimental side. i have a very hard time letting go of things, and then married someone who hates ‘stuff’. i wanted a way to keep my wedding bouquet without physically keeping my wedding bouquet.

contact me about your special occasion/event and tell me the story behind the floral item(s) you want to commemorate.

my studio is located in sheboygan, wisconsin on the beautiful shores of lake michigan. don’t live near me? let’s chat about the option of shipping your flowers!

forevermore sessions can be done with dried flowers from previous events, silk/fake flowers, or fresh flowers! if you have flowers that are already dried, contact me anytime to get started! if you have silk/fake, or fresh flowers, contact me before your event, if possible, so we can plan what your artwork will look like. i take a limited number of these sessions, especially when fresh flowers are concerned. i want to make sure i’m able to capture your florals at their peak!